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Social Media - Twitter BirdMy background in design and traditional marketing has prepared me to leverage social media as a part of traditional marketing plans. I have built a social media presence for my own businesses and professional/social interests, and in 2011 was approached by my first social media client. This quickly but systematically grew into an excellent business with great client satisfaction. As new platforms and tools become available, and strategies change – I offer an educated response.

I provide a number of services the first of which is consultation and training in social media tools, strategies, and measurement of ROI (Return on Investment). For clients that desire the skills and tools to manage their own social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest or whichever tools seem appropriate for their goals and target audience; I develop a proposal for three months of set-up, management, and training. The training can be in-person or via private webinars for up to 200 people. The online sessions would be recorded digitally for your future private access.

The second service is social media management and consultation where the client has no interest in being hands on. It starts with a discussion of the client’s business goals and their current social media, and develops into a proposal for creation and management of social media profiles, monitoring of their brand, and ongoing continuous quality improvement. As social media is just one component of a larger marketing effort, I encourage the client to involve their teams and current customers with verbal, electronic, and print awareness campaigns. Basically encourage use of social media icons in signage, business cards, brochures, e-mail signatures and other opportunities that should not be missed. This service requires a two month commitment as most of the research and set-up effort happens in the first month.

Social NetworkingReferences and referrals are available on my LinkedIn profile, and also by request. I don’t publish the names of my social media clients, as I operate in ghost writer fashion. I represent you and your vision 24/7 and do not reveal the illusion, by writing in your unique style and personality.

I’m self-motivated; attentive to detail and deadlines; and operate with good character, enthusiasm, creativity, humor, and dedication. I am an excellent proofreader, and quickly adapt to the style and goals of each company. Contact me for a discussion of collaboration or with any questions. You can also join the discussion on Facebook at and Twitter at

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