My Move to the Google Cloud

In the last few weeks, I have been systematically moving towards Google for as many services as possible. I want the same access to bookmarks, search settings, contacts, e-mail, calendars, tasks, web design, blogging, photos, chat, files, and document development from any internet connection. Google is really making this possible. I’m not switching to a paid Google Apps for Business account yet, but I’m working with most of the free services that come standard. It is probably only a matter of time though. The Google Apps marketplace has some phenomenal options for cloud computing.

I’m using Google’s Chrome, GMail, Blogger, Bookmarks, Calendar, Tasks, Notebook, Sites, Picassa, Documents, and other tools so that my work is truly mobile, secure, and shared when I want it to be. I lost a lot of work, late last year, when my PC and hard drives failed. I will do a better job of backing up, but why not let Google take some responsibility for that task as well.

Some of the most amazing discoveries during this move are that, Blogger and Google Sites are extremely fast to update, and you can use your own domain name for either of them. Google Sites, let you create and manage a personal or business website through a web-based content management system. It does have limitations in that you can’t add programming such as SSI, CSS, or even JavaScript, but for a basic website it’s great. Blogger has always been excellent, as your entries get into Google’s searches pretty immediately. I used to ftp to my own domain, but Google changed the process. Although my own domain is used, the files are really stored on Google servers and the time from saving your blog to it being available is instantaneous.

I’ve had a GMail account since the beginning, when Google offered accounts to a limited group. I used it, but never fully embraced it as e-mail until a few days ago. Did you know that from your GMail account you send mail from an unlimited number of e-mail accounts? There is a limit of five other accounts for which you can receive e-mail. I cheated on the limit, by opening another GMail account and forwarding a number of e-mail accounts through one GMail account. If you think about it, this would let you receive e-mails from twenty-six different e-mail addresses or more if you get creative.

You can set up multiple signatures through “Canned Responses.” Honestly it worked great for me yesterday, but now they are missing. If and when I get these to work, it only solves part of my problem. Canned responses are not a part of the Google IPhone application. I may end up storing all of my signatures in an archived e-mail and cutting and pasting or something. There are extensions for Chrome, but I know that I want to set things up so that I’m not tied to my PC or to the browser.

Google Bookmarks is great. I have always had a disjointed collection of bookmarks on every PC and every browser that I used. Now, I’m making decisions about what links I want, how to label them, and they are all available to me from any web connection. Tasks, Calendar, and GMail work great together; especially in the Chrome browser. Every intuitive action that I want to do, seems to have been developed by the amazing Google team. If not already a part of the browser or service; there is usually a Google Lab or Chrome extension that is ready to help.

If you haven’t guessed, in terms of my IPhone – the Google app brings the power of my move towards their services extremely portable. See you all on the cloud.

About Jason Longo

Jason is a highly organized and outgoing professional with years of experience in marketing, project management, event planning, leadership, graphic design, web design and development, social network marketing, sales, grant writing, and writing/editing. Sincerity, dedication, creativity, charisma, talent, and experience contribute to his ongoing success. He enjoys blogging about design and technology, and continues to serve clients and the community through his design / social media business, Celestial Studios.

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